Morning Circle Media Illustrators:

MCM illustrator Alyssa Kreilick

Alyssa Kreilick

Alyssa Kreilick is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  She has illustrated three Morning Circle Media books to date: Slide!; Lucha and Lola; and Baker Bear Bakes a Cake. Her newest book, in English and Scottish-Gaelic, The Rise and Fall of Sandcastle Town, debuts in 2019.

In addition to illustrating children’s picture books, Alyssa works for Kreilick Conservation, LLC as an historic preservationist.    


Frito Bastien

Frito Bastien was born in 1954 in Jacmel, a town on Haiti's southern peninsula. He started his painting career at thirteen. Frito fled Haiti in 1991, without his wife or children, due to threats by the military under Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier. His colorful murals can be seen on buildings and factories all over Philadelphia.

Frito's first book with Morning Circle Media is The Whispering Benches, in English and Haitian-Kreyol.

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Mohammed Ahmed

Philadelphia artist, Mohammed Ahmed, created the beautiful watercolor illustrations for Morning Circle Media's first Arabic/English book, Let's Cook For Ramadan! 

Mohammed earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design from the University of Sudan.  He lives with his wife and three daughters in Philadelphia.  



Esperanta Delmat

Esperanta Delmat was born in Haiti in 1993. Self-taught, her artwork has roots in both realism and the naif style. Esperanta is passionate about painting, graffiti and Reggae. She speaks of art as an intimate "meeting" between artist and viewer.

Esperanta illustrated many of the images in Morning Circle Media's first Haitian-Kreyol book, The Whispering Benches.

MCM Illustrator Mohammed Ahmed M
CM Illustrator laura eyring

Laura Eyring

Laura Kaderabek Eyring is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.  She received her BFA from the University of Pennsylvania, cum laude.  In 2001 she received her BS in chemistry from Drexel University (abandoning her career as a waitress).  She now works as an analytical chemist for the Philadelphia Water Department and draws late at night when her husband and two children are asleep.  Freeing the Birds is her first children’s picture book.  

Laura and MCM President Cynthia Kreilick are collaborating on another children's book, A Lens For the Lighthouse, due out in 2020.  This book will be in English and Braille.