Comfort Zones Are For the Birds!

It’s time to spread your wings and explore the great, wide world! It’s summertime!

Laura Eyring’s book, Freeing the Birds, is a perfect book to encourage kids to try something new. Listen to Laura as she talks about the story making process and the message she hopes to convey in her beautiful children’s book.

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Boys in the Kitchen


My son is a great mashed potato maker. He learned to make mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving when his father handed him a peeler and a bag of spuds and told him to get to work.

Children love to help in the kitchen. Instead of shooing them out of the house as you prepare for celebrations and holidays, invite them to slice and dice along with you. They will make you proud one day!

Baklava is a really simple dessert to make. Our featured book this month, Let’s Cook For Ramadan!, lists the ingredients and shows you how to make this honey-filled sweet. Order your copy here:

Happy Ramadan!

Painting Flowers

My daughter and I painted with my mother the other day at her retirement home. Look how focused she is on her work! She has forgotten all of her cares and is intent on capturing the beauty of the plant in front of her.

How do we go even a day without doing something creative? Expressing ourselves through art, no matter our age, is a calming, centering endeavor.

On March 20th, we celebrate the first day of spring. Narciso Amarillo/Yellow Daffodil is one of my favorite Morning Circle Media books because when we read it, we paint flowers. We learn about primary and secondary colors. We treat ourselves to tulips and hyacinth and revel in the awakening around us.

Welcome spring in your own exuberant way this month. Paint flowers with someone you love.

Happy spring!


Using Virtual Reality to Build Early Literacy

Morning Circle Media is piloting the Baker Bear Bakes a Cake VR app in family childcare programs in Philadelphia. We are so excited to hear what early childhood educators are saying about this technology and its potential for early learning! Challenges continue with compatibility issues, but the more we work at it, the easier it becomes. It’s worth the struggle. Virtual reality has huge potential for education.

A Haitian Love Story For Valentine's Day


Five years ago, I met a one-legged woman named Rose. Rose lost her leg in the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. She was living in Germantown and I was helping her open a family child care program.

For several years I helped refugees, asylees and human trafficking victims open child care programs in Philadelphia. The Haitian community made a special impression on me because of the suffering they had endured as a result of the earthquake. I wrote The Whispering Benches to express my gratitude to the people I met for sharing their lives and their struggles with me during that time. I hope the children who read it will gain an understanding of what it means to overcome unimaginable hardship. When I read the story to children, we talk about love, faith and resilience.   

The Whispering Benches is a bilingual children's story in Haitian-Kreyol and English. It is designed for children ages 5 - 10.  

Story visits for The Whispering Benches run from Monday, February 4th, through Friday, February 15th, 2019. The cost is $25 for family and group child care programs and $50 for child care centers and other organizations. There is a maximum of 25 students per reading.  

To book your story visit, contact Cynthia at or call 215-805-7363.