How To Make Indonesian Art with Kids (Free Curriculum Guide!)

Morning Circle Media batiks

Books take us to places beyond our wildest dreams. I've never been to Indonesia, though I have lots of friends who are Indonesian. Writing Haiqal's Garden, with friends and authors Hani and Syarif, showed me a country of immense beauty and a deep respect for the earth.  

It also introduced me to a wonderful and ancient art form called batik. Using a wax-resistant substance and dye on cloth, many Indonesian batik patterns are symbolic and may be used to bring health to infants, wish a bride and groom luck, or designate royalty.

Making batiks with your children is easy to do, and it's a great opportunity for them to build social-emotional, organizational, and math and science skills!

Click here to download our FREE curriculum guide to learn how to make batiks with your children after reading Haiqal's Garden.

Click here to download the accompanying skill-building sheet.

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